1788-L is Thor’s Hammer

Written by on 25 July 2018

Do you remember how in the first Thor movie, his hammer came crashing to Earth causing a sonic boom that echoed through the local city and a national up-roaring ruckus catching the attention of the S.H.I.E.L.D.?

Now picture that (minus the feds) in music form.

I give you, 1788-L.

Thor’s hammer plummeted to Earth unexpectedly from Asgard. 1788-L graced our musical realm unexpectedly with “Replica”.

Thor’s hammer caught the eyes of many locals who spread the word of this immovable object to see who could pull it from the ground. 1788-L caught the ears of many EDM fans who spread the word of his smashing remix of Virtual Self’s “Particle Arts”.

I feel as though I can stop with the comparisons. You get the idea.

1788-L has been firing on all cylinders this year. The remixes have been splendid, the originals whimsical, and the aura shrouded in mystery.

Not many newcomers can claim the resume 1788-L has claimed in such a short period of time. Remixes of Daft Punk and a Porter Robinson project are unique accolades. Jumping on the new Rezz album and lending hand to an Illenium x Said The Sky project just add to the excitement. Throw in blazing originals like “Cyberpsace” and “Destiny” that showcase originality and an individualized sound and we have ourselves the recipe for the next rising star in our midst.

Thor’s hammer hit the ground and stayed put. 1788-L has hit the ground running, sprinting, Usain Bolt-ing. That is where these two enigmatic figures forge their separate paths.

The sky is seemingly the limit for this still-mysterious act. Or, perhaps, Asgard.

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Written by: Derek Lavezzo