“Sixteen” from Pluko is a Vibe

Written by on 27 September 2018


On the weekly hunt for new music, a new album crossed my path that I would consider the definition of a vibe. Top to bottom, sixteen, the debut album from the uber talented Pluko is like a daydream while you’re wide awake.

Putting on a masterclass of genre blending and non-genre-conforming, Pluko really knocked this one out of the park, gifting the EDM world with a truly one-of-a-kind project that will whet the palate of anyone looking to stray from the norm.

“Need Ya” is like walking on air with its bright aura featuring eloquent vocals from Nevve. The track “l o v e” is a downtempo staccato that leaves your head and body swaying in an imaginary breeze (Pluko noted on Twitter this was the final piece to the project and also “perfectly filled the whole spectrum of emotion” for it). “Asleep” literally puts you in a dream with a supple backbeat complimenting a strong lyrical presence from the talented MOONZz.

Not every track is so mellow, however. My personal favorite track “Found” combines bubbling builds with a smashing euphoric drop that will leave your heart thumping, while “Pink.” Is an electronic powerhouse mashup of heavy and melodious sounds. There’s some modest trap flavor to “His Persepctive”,  glitch-filled splendor to “Forgiveness”, and harder energy to “Lost”.

Pluko shines so bright with this debut album, and the future shines even brighter for the up-and-comer. You can stream sixteen on Spotify or buy it on iTunes right now.