WHAT: Groove Radio International #1643 Hosted & Mixed by Swedish Egil WHEN/WHERE: Mon May 20 – 10am PT – Groove Radio pop-up player or free mobile app Tue May 21 – 10pm PT Wed May 22 – 3pm PT / Insomniac Radio Thu May 23 – 6pm PT Fri May 24 – 12pm PT Sat May 25 […]

2 February 2024

Tune in for Groove Radio’s Top 5 Weekly Grooves – hand-picked adds to the playlist – hosted by our Program Director, Swedish Egil. Listen on Groove Radio at the following times: Mondays – 12pm PT Tuesdays – 9pm PT Wednesdays – 2am PT Thursdays – 3pm PT Fridays – 9am PT Saturdays – 12pm PT […]

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