Anki’s “Bloom” is My Earthquake

Written by on 9 September 2018

Earthquakes are an interesting (and yes dangerous) natural phenomenon. They strike unknowingly and unexpectedly, and literally shake the earth changing the core landscapes that we know.

Now, I do not feel using natural disasters as analogies is always the best idea, but truly it was my first thought and reaction to hearing Bloom, the new album from Anki.

I had first heard of Anki after Porter Robinson dropped the Anki remix to “Language”, which to this day I feel is the one and only remix to that whimsical gem that can stand with the original. So, when I was on my weekly weekend new music expedition, seeing Anki pop up with a new album piqued my interest.

And thus, the earthquake began.

My goodness did this album unknowingly and unexpectedly quake me to my core and change the core landscape of music that I know.

The one adjective that keeps popping up with each listen to describe Bloom is enthralling. From start to finish, Anki takes you for a ride through a Willy Wonka-esque boat ride of thrills and chills, highs and lows, and ebbs and flows.

The title track “Our Escape” is 5 minutes of euphoric energy that pulsates through your soul. “My Head” is a heart-pounding marathon of melody and energy. “Lost” slows the pace yet maintains the album’s wondrous energy. “Stride” is an in-your-face instrumental, and “No One Knows” is an enchanting build that crescendos into a blissful drop.

Truthfully, I could go on and on.

I have nothing but positives to say about every single track that transforms into the collective Bloom; this could very well be my favorite album of 2018. Sure, to each his/her own, but there are few better feelings than finding an album you can press play on and let it ride start to finish.

Bloom is my earthquake. And it could very well be yours too. This album shook me and changed the very musical ground I stand on; and it came out of nowhere.

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Written by: Derek Lavezzo